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Aerial Arts

Aerial silks, also known as aerial fabrics, aerial tissue, or aerial ribbons, is one of the newest and most challenging, yet most awe inspiring and versatile aerial art forms. It is an exciting time for this new aerial style, because it is gaining popularity and continues to explode with new developments. Aerial training used to be limited to Olympic level gymnasts and circus performers, but now it is being offered to the public recreationally as a fitness program and we also offer a performance track way for those that would like a chance to perform-- it's a great way stay fit while being creative!

Our program at The Edge starts with aerial sling and dance trapeze that incorporates safe and appropriate leveled skills that show the relationship between the conditioning and the skill sets that we are working towards. All intro and beginner classes are done at the studio on our aerial stations where the top height is 10.5’. Only when a student has met certain skill requirements ( since one cannot wear safety harnesses as they would get tangled in the fabric) are they then offered the transition to our silks program which we hold at Le Bounce where the fabrics are suspended from a height of 22’.

Students must wear tight fitted clothing that covers their legs and torso (no bare midriff).
Suggestions are: leggings, tights, tank top, tight fitted t-shirt.
No zippers, buttons, sequins, or anything that will catch and rip fabric or the tape on aerial apparatus.
If training Trapeze or Lyra (Hoop) socks or leg warmers are suggested for ankle protection. If training Silks or Sling bare feet are suggested

Aerial Yoga: Please go to the Barrebody/Yoga area for description and class times.

Open Aerial: Currently enrolled students (12+) Please sign up-those registered will have priority over drop-ins Free Purchase required to enroll

Prerequisites: Must be currently taking aerial arts classes from The Edge, SEMO, or Holland School of Performing and Visual Arts. Out of town guests permitted with owner approval.

Open aerial is the opportunity to practice what you have learned. There is no formal instruction through a certified instructor will be on hand to answer any questions and to observe for safety. You must be currently taking aerial classes.

Adult Intermediate Rope Purchase required to enroll